Best Author Blogs of 2017

A decade ago in order to find out details about your favorite band you’d have to read about it in a music magazine. For example, you’d never have guessed that Kurt Cobain named the song “Teen Spirit” after a deodorant unless you read about it in Billboard Magazine or the Rolling Stone. But times have changed and the ridiculously personal information is available to nearly anyone with the click of a track pad.

So now that we’re in the internet age, why do so few authors blog?

I get authors wanting to keep to themselves. But the notion that you’d be willing to go on a book tour to promote your book (a huge expense of effort, time, and money) but wouldn’t blog about what lead you to write about this or that is confusing as hell to me. We’re writers after all. Blogging should be a natural thing to do.

Of those that do blog, few do it well. So when I find an author’s blog that holds my attention it’s a rare treat. Here are a few worth following:

Yes. Dilbert. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, is one heck of a critical thinker. His thoughts, questions, and musings on the everyday issues we’re going through really make you think. Scott can be a bit heavy and existential at times. In my book that’s just a sign you give a shit.

Victoria Schwab, the author of the several fantasy series for kids and adults, lets her excitement about being a published author totally loose on her blog. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually would look like to be a successful author-this a glimpse of that life for sure. Book signings, tours, upcoming releases… all that excitement and jass is on full display.

Lisa See’s approach to blogging as an author focuses on laying out the research she did for each novel rather than daily posts. It’s not exactly an author blog but it does give you a glimpse into the thought process of writing.

Kate Quinn’s blog is awesome. She drops recipes of drinks from her historical fiction, takes her camera with her as she does research around the world, and details exactly what it’s like being a new author and feeling like you have to fake it until you make it.

Jeff Vandermeer is an extremely prolific blogger. Full of author interviews, notes from the road, book reviews, theory on plot, illustrations, musings, insights into the publishing world, banding saw-whet owls…

Do you have a favorite author blog or two of your own? Leave a comment!


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